Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gap Chiffon-Trim T in Pale Plum and Silver Accents

I'm back after the long weekend! It went by way too quickly so here's an overdue post of a work outfit from last week. Of course recent holiday shopping for others also meant unintentional shopping for myself. *sigh* I picked up several long-sleeve tees from Gap (on sale of course!) that are perfect for layering especially since it's been getting chillier in SF. Luckily for me, the Gap I went to in Downtown SF had a plethora of colors to choose from. I love basic long-sleeves, but this time in addition to 2 others, I purchased one in a mauve (aka pale plum) color that I don't have anywhere else in my wardrobe at the moment. I think long-sleeve tees can really be dressed up or down depending on the accessories. 
Gap chiffon-trim long-sleeve T in pale plum (buy) -- white crewneck cardigan from HK (similar) -- Banana Republic stretch trousers in sharp gray (current version) -- Gap silver flats (similar
Close-up of the shoes...they are a bit loose but I have wide feet =/
Accessories: F21 faux pearl earrings (similar) -- Lovisa beaded bib necklace (similar) -- F21 bangles (similar) -- silver mesh ring from HK (similar)
Close-up of the bib necklace (I love the bead details!)
I wanted to showcase the Gap chiffon-trim T without the cardigan (I am wearing a cami underneath though) so you guys can see how it really fits. It's definitely a pretty long shirt with some room in the back but it fits my arms well. I also adore the softness of the cotton fabric and color! I probably would have preferred a Petite size but couldn't find any at the store.    
Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas weekend and had a lot to eat...I know I did! Did you get some amazing presents?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun Floral and Neutrals plus Modtoast Update

So glad that this work week is over!! I haven't had a chance to sit down and write a proper blog post until tonight due to the craziness at work and both of my sisters being home for the holidays. This outfit is from last weekend when I was in the East Bay visiting the bf and his family for a holiday party. I wanted to wear something fun and festive but not too dressy or 'Christmas-y' if that makes sense. Also, finally some decent outdoor shots!
 Old Navy camel double-breasted coat (buy in blue plaid or belted version) -- Nordstrom BP cardigan in oatmeal (buy) -- Staring at Stars floral top from Urban Outfitters (similar) -- H&M black skinny pants (details and similar) -- Steve Madden tan heels (similar) -- Deena and Ozzy gray woven tote from UO (similar) -- Nails - Revlon, Tuscan Sun
This is my attempt at trying a new pose/angle haha
Accessories: H&M white crinkle scarf (similar) -- So Good earrings (similar) -- Claire's faux pearl bracelet (similar)

I love pairing floral prints in pretty much any color with a mix of neutrals like white, black, and tan. Can you tell that purple is one of my favorites?? On another note, I am digging the H&M skinny pants that I'm wearing above! When I initially tried them on at the store I thought they were a bit tight but ended up buying them thanks to my friend Ping who convinced me that they looked great. I do adore the deep black color and slim cut. After the first wash and air-drying, they seem to have loosened up and fit more comfortably now...yay! I'm too scared to dry them in the dryer for fear of shrinking them too much though. Anyone else have these and can offer any tips?

Last but not least, the owner at Modtoast which I talked about in this post sent me a YouTube review (I find the lady in the video is hilarious!) of her product that I thought was helpful to share since there are some YSL Arty Ring replicas floating around that are really poorly and cheaply made. If you want a good quality dupe, I encourage you to check out the selection at Modtoast. I am doing this because I truly think she is talented and her items have got me going back for more! I would be curious to know if you end up buying from her and what you think. :)
Hoping to update again tomorrow if I get around to it but if not, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coldwater Creek Chambray Shirt Review

Hi everyone! This is just a quick post since I received this in the mail today and wanted to share with you what I thought. I was excited about the Coldwater Creek sale that I saw on Jean's blog (Extra Petite) so I went ahead and bought myself the chambray in black PXS (buy) since it's an item I've been hunting for. It was so cheap at $12 that I couldn't resist!

I was in a panic to do some last minute holiday shopping so these photos were rushed. Please excuse the excessive wrinkling of the shirt. =P
Even wearing the shirt with a belt, I felt it was still very loose around the arms/torso and there was too much gathering of fabric at the waist. I also had to roll up the sleeves again because they hit at an awkward length as illustrated above. I thought it was strange how the front was a few inches shorter than the back tail too. I was hoping it would be more petite-friendly seeing as it was the smallest size but it fit like a regular size M. 

I do like the off-black shade (true to the color in the first photo), the stitching, and the fact that the material is warmer than what I expected but unfortunately, I don't love it and the fit is way off for me. I would recommend for women with broader shoulders and a more substantial bust to give it a try though. This is definitely a return and I will be back on my search for the perfect chambray.

What do you guys think?? Did anyone else order this and have any feedback?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vintage Finds: Purple Lace and Leather Boots

I love putting vintage and modern pieces together into one outfit to make it my own. When I came across a hidden top in my mom's drawer that she didn't want anymore, I jumped on it and immediately knew how I wanted to style it. I think the purple shade is so pretty and the lace details around the collar+sleeves is so one-of-a-kind and feminine. The look below is what I wore to work one day paired with another thrifted item...
 vintage top from Mom (similar here and here) -- Cotton On long cardigan (similar) -- F21 belted pencil skirt (similar) -- tights from Hong Kong (HK) -- leather boots from thrift store in Paris (similar) 
Accessories: F21 faux pearl earrings (similar) -- silver bracelet from HK -- Swarovski white leather watch gifted last year from the bf (similar)
Close-up shot of the lacy details which I'm in love with!
As a side note, those thrifted leather boots I'm wearing are uber comfortable and I have had them since '05. This just shows that a good quality leather pair can last a while! Don't worry, they will show up again in future posts I'm sure. =) Thanks to my sister, Junie, for helping me take pictures this time too. 

Have any of you blogged about any awesome vintage finds?? If so, please link me below!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Coat Review and Pop of Color

I have been on the hunt for a camel-colored coat for the longest time and finally came across an affordable one about a month ago from Old Navy. With that said, I had to give up a bit on the fit and quality just to be in possession of one with a shade/style I liked. It could be thicker and more fitted but at $45 (was on sale for half off and I'm a sucker for sales), I can't really complain. The shell is a wool+polyester blend and the lining is 100% polyester. Once again, definitely not made of the best materials but I have room to layer underneath and it's a good length. I intend to purchase a nicer version eventually but this will do for now until I earn some more shopping money after the holidays. Please comment if you know of any warm, petite-friendly, and affordable camel-colored coat options out there!

I tried to take some photos outdoor but it got dark before I knew it. Thanks to the bf for being my photographer this time. =)
Old Navy camel double-breasted coat (buy in blue plaid or belted version) -- Joe's Jeans Cigarette in Ian wash (similar) -- Rubi leopard pumps from Australia (similar here and cheaper here)
Some indoor photos without the coat to reveal a pop of color and another bargain find...my scarf which I got for $5 on Black Friday!
cobalt blue cardigan from Hong Kong (HK) (similar here and here in longer style) -- F21 knit scarf in Rust (similar) -- braided belt from HK (similar here and here)
Accessories: H&M link bracelet (similar on UK site) -- F21 monogram necklace from previous post 
Lastly, I recently purchased the Olay Profession Pro-X Cleansing System from Costco...any feedback on this from readers who have tried it?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Monochromatic Mix and Splurge vs Steal: Modtoast Arty Oval Ring Feature

My first thought is always "What the heck am I going to wear??" whenever I start a new job, especially when the attire is 'business casual' which could have many meanings. I'm not very efficient at planning my outfits ahead of time so sometimes I end up throwing an easy monochromatic look together at the last second. Instead of wearing all solid black, I chose to mix floral and tweed in the same color scheme.

I apologize for my mediocre self-portraits...I need to either invest in a tripod/new camera or convince the bf to be my on-call photographer. =P This is what I came up with (please excuse the mess in my room):
F21 floral chiffon blouse (similar here and  here) -- Nordstrom BP cardigan (current version) -- F21 wide leg trousers (current version)
I couldn't get my shoes in the above photo so I had to shoot them separately.
Neeluxe tweed kitten heels (similar here and here...I actually like these ones better =P) 
F21 monogram necklace (similar) -- I took it off in the first picture though

Also, you are probably wondering about this beautiful statement ring I'm wearing:
I saw my sister's old children's book which had almost the same color on its cover. (Nails - China Glaze, Cha Cha Cha)
Against a black background -- Arty Oval Ring from Modtoast - sz 5 (buy the one I'm wearing here)

I actually first saw this on Viva Fashion Blog and wanted to feature it in my first Splurge vs Steal post! I don't know if you guys have seen the YSL Arty Ring (buy) but it is absolutely gorgeous...AND also costs $250. I desperately wanted to find a cheaper alternative and was so ecstatic when I came across Modtoast and saw everything it had to offer. I was able to purchase a similar ring for a fraction of the price! When mine came in the mail, it fit true to size and the quality/craftsmanship is incredible. Terri, the seller, was prompt at getting it sent out and she uses the proceeds to care for a house full of rescued animals which is very admirable. She has many other unique and affordable pieces so I encourage you to check them out too. If you decide to buy something there, please let Modtoast know that Karen from littlepiecefnb.blogspot.com sent you and post about your experience on my blog!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend and I will leave you with some food for thought.
the Big Kahuna burger from Urbun Burger in San Francisco with sweet potato/regular fries...so yummy!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preppy Meets Edgy plus JewelMint Delivery

Le Tigre polo (similar) -- Gap schoolboy blazer (similar) -- Anoname jeans (similar) -- Deena and Ozzy satchel from Urban Outfitters (sold out but similar) -- F21 bangles (similar) -- Tory Burch Reva flats (buy)

I wanted to experiment with a statement jewelry piece yesterday and ironically, PetiteLittleGirl just made a post about the same topic. The main difference is that her look was dressy whereas mine was casual. Edgy accessories like a funky necklace and/or bag can really jazz up an otherwise boring outfit. I used a necklace that I have been dying to showcase and paired it with a preppy polo+schoolboy blazer combo. 
Necklace from Lovisa which is an Aussie jewelry brand (similar but more colorful option)

Here are some more pictures of my Gap blazer which and love! The shell/body lining is mainly cotton and the sleeves are lined with a pinstripe design. It fits really well for not being part of the petite line. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it anywhere online. *sad face*
I was also super excited because I received a package in the mail from JewelMint with my recent purchase. I ordered the OrnaMint Mystery Bag so I could be surprised with the contents when it arrived in the mail.

This is what I ended up getting...
Aqua Bomb ring - sz 6 (thrilled about this)
Diving Belle earrings (meh...about these but I will give them a shot)
Well that's my update for now. I would love to get some feedback and hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

Monday, December 5, 2011

My First Blog Post

I have always been intrigued by celebrity/street style and love to try out new skincare/beauty products. What girl doesn't love to get dolled up and pamper herself, right? Shopping is a passion of mine especially when it comes to bargain hunting and getting the most bang for my buck. I am loving the idea of being a part of an online community that shares outfit details, reviews various purchases, and promotes under-rated brands.

Also, I recently came across a ton of amazing blogs (mostly petite ones) including From Head to ToePetiteLittleGirlExtraPetite, Wendy's Lookbook, and of course my friend Ping's All About Fashion Stuff. After extensively browsing these sites and being a petite myself at 5'3" (on good days), I am inspired to finally start a personal blog of my own after years of procrastination. Please bear with me as I'm a total novice at blogging so any tips would be appreciated!

To start things off, here's a tutorial I came across today that I thought was worth sharing:
The girl in the video made it look so easy! It probably works best with shirts that have more simple designs such as this one...
Dress Shirts by Etro at ShopStyle

...or this one. Thanks for reading and more posts to come. I'm excited to hear from all of you out in the blogosphere!