Welcome to A Little Piece of Fashion and Beauty!

I'm a petite (about 5'3") girl from San Francisco who loves to shop, travel, eat, and have fun. Bargain shopping is the name of my game and I adore accessories of all kinds. I'm here to meet fellow bloggers and share my personal style journey, amongst other aspects of my life, with others who are doing the same. I look forward to getting feedback and blogging about my shopping experiences. This is my first blog ever so I might be a bit rusty with all the technical stuff but I hope you will join in on my many adventures and help expand my fashion/beauty knowledge along the way.

Happy reading and I look forward to hearing from you!

DISCLOSURE: There are times where I am approached by companies to feature their products or services on my blog but all opinions/reviews are those of my own. I only select to work with those that offer items I love or that I think my readers would enjoy learning about. If I happen to receive free products for reviewing purposes, that is something I will also disclose in the respective post. Additionally, I participate in several affiliate marketing programs so some of the blog links may result in a minimal commission. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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