Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Emerald Green at Work and Tahoe Trip #2

I find it hard to decide on what to wear to work sometimes since it's a pretty casual environment but I don't want that to deter me from occasionally choosing business-like outfits. I typically put some thought (or as much as I could muster at 7 am in the morning...ha!) into my clothing/accessory choices and my mood also plays a part in what I end up with. I guess my best bet is going with what I feel comfortable in and not worry about others viewing me as "overdressed" on a daily basis. 
I have been loving (most shades of) green lately and this cardigan I picked up on a trip to Hong Kong last year just adds to that undeniable fact. I try to shop as much as possible when in Asia because the clothing fits petite bodies much better although their sense of fashion could be questionable in comparison to what we are used to in the US. 
 Papaya white button up (similar) -- emerald green cardigan from HK (similar) -- F21 belted pencil skirt (similar) -- no name tights (similar)
Accessories: F21 green cocktail ring (similar) -- thrifted 'knot' bangle (similar
 I borrowed these reddish cognac leather boots from my the gold trim details! - sz 6.5 (similar)
This is my mom modeling one of her business outfits from the 80s. =P

Finally some fun in the snow when several college buddies and I drove up to Tahoe again a few weeks ago. 
Group pic with the snowfall 
Fresh powder
View coming down the Heavenly ski lift 
Grub at Hard Rock Cafe after a long day of skiing (I shared and only ate half haha)
Lake Tahoe is so beautiful!
I had to take advantage of this photo op.
Hollister faux fur jacket - sz S (current version or similar)
H&M striped sweater dress (similar) -- Old Navy leggings (buy) -- brown riding boots from HK (similar here and here
Side view...I did wear a few more layers underneath (top and bottom) since it was freeeeeezing 
Accessories: owl pendant from Sydney (similar) -- F21 woven ring (similar in silver)

I adore my owl necklace and have been wearing it non-stop lately. The sweater dress is also really soft and comfortable to move around in. It's perfect for layering to keep your upper and part of your lower body warm in the winter too! 
What is the dress code at your work and how would you style a sweater dress?


  1. I love your green cardigan and the button details on the collar!  Clothes from HK are so pretty (and usually such a good deal), but I think I've ruined all of them by washing them :(

  2.  Your green cardigan is so pretty! When I vacationed in Mexico I noticed their clothes were also the perfect petite fit! My work is very casual too so I wear a mix of jeans and more professional attire. I usually belt my sweater dresses and wear them with leggings/boots.


    The Tiny Heart

  3. i love those boots, and your striped sweater.

  4. karen, i love that green sweater and boots outfit on you. i am still on the hunt for brown boots! i saw some at nordstrom rack the other day, but unfortunately they were kinda scratched up. wah! oh wow, i can't believe your mom still has clothes from so long ago!!

  5. I love your sweater dress outfit!  I wear my sweater dresses w/ tights and ankle boots=)

  6. FashionablememoriesFebruary 16, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    Beautiful scenery! Glad you had fun!  I adore your sweater dress outfit!

  7. I like the buttons of your cardigan from HK! Looks so pretty.

  8. Thanks SPG! I like the button details too. Yeah clothes from Asia can be poorly made sometimes but they are super cheap! Sorry to hear you had bad luck with the ones you got. 

  9. Thanks Sharon for sharing your tips! I don't wear jeans to work but maybe I should start since technically I am allowed to.

  10. Thank you Ping! Brown boots are tough...we can go shopping together again for them. =P Yeah my mom is a pack rat. lol

  11. Thanks girl! I need some ankle boots!

  12. Thank you! I love Tahoe and the pretty snow scenery!

  13. I love that green sweater from HK Karen!  I've never been but hope to some day and indulge in a shopping spree!  I usually wear my sweater dress with knee high boots.

  14.  Thanks Bessie! I have been obsessed with green lately! Yes you need to shop in HK or Asia one day. =)

  15. Wow, Lake Tahoe is stunning!  Adore your boots... they look great with the leggings.  Love that fur hooded jacket too.  Thanks for sharing your lovely pics!

  16. wow, your mom is a totally rad lady! love the cognac boots!

  17. Thanks for visiting and commenting! =)

  18. I know...I love Tahoe as you can see. haha Thanks Sophie! =)

  19. 1) Green is a gorgeous color on you Karen!  Love it...
    2) Your mom is awesome...I want that belt! :-)
    3) Those photos from Lake Tahoe are gorgeous!  I so wish I was there right now...

    Hope your week is off to a great start!
    XO - Marion

  20. Love emerald green on you. You look beautiful. The Tao pictures are such eye candy.

  21. Thanks Marion! Yes my mom is awesome and she is also sentimental so that's why she still has clothes from the 80s. =P

  22. Thank you for visiting and for the comment, Patience! 


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