Friday, February 10, 2012

Tea Party and UO Dressing Room Review

Ping (from All About Fashion Stuff) and I had a date last weekend at Crown and Crumpet for afternoon tea. We had an assortment of finger sandwiches, scones, and mini desserts paired with a tea of our choice. It was a 2-person tea party and we had a great time catching up! This is definitely an ideal place to have bridal showers or little girl princess parties. Check out Ping's post about our visit here
 Interior of the tearoom
 Only a portion of their tea collection
Such an adorable tea strainer!
This didn't look like a lot of food but we were stuffed...
With the lovely Ping 
Does my top look familiar? That's because it's the same as the one from this post but in a different color. Thanks Ping for being my photographer for the day!
Xhilaration sleeveless tank in Mustard (buy) -- H&M skinny pants in cobalt (although they look kinda purple in person (similar) -- Lux ribbed cardigan from UO (similar) -- Payless block heel pumps --> LOVE these shoes (see on Jean from Extra Petite) (similar)
Accessories: Target geometric fringe necklace (similar) -- silver mesh ring from HK (similar) -- you can't really see them but I'm also wearing Claire's yellow flower stud earrings (similar) -- thrifted Ralph Lauren belt - sz S (similar) -- H&M gray crossbody purse (similar)
And of course after eating, we did what we do best...SHOP! Urban Outfitters, which is one of my favorite stores, was at the top of our list and I snapped a few dressing room photos after raiding the sale section. =P
 BDG sheer v-neck tee - sz XS (buy) -- Silence and Noise tiered skirt - sz S (buy)
BDG sheer v-neck tee - sz S (buy) --  Staring at Stars chantilly shorts - sz XS (buy)
BDG sheer v-neck printed tee - sz XS (buy) -- Kimchi Blue bow shorts - sz XS (buy)
I ended up buying the mustard and printed BDG tees (soooo soft!), the tiered skirt, this Silence and Noise geo cardigan, and this Pins and Needles lace-trimmed babydoll blouse in black. I really liked the chantilly shorts but they didn't fit as nicely as I thought they would. Overall, very thrilled with my purchases! 

Have you had an afternoon tea experience? Do you shop at Urban Outfitters and what would you have gotten? 


  1. I love your cobalt skinny jeans paired with your mustard top, it's such a wonderful color combo! Awesome necklace too!  I haven't shopped at Urban in a long time since there's not that many of them around my area.

    The Tiny Heart 

  2. I LOVE afternoon tea! When I was studying abroad in London, I used to go ALL the time - I miss it a lot. I know there are a few places here in NYC, but I haven't been...after seeing these yummy photos though, I think I may just have to splurge :) I'm loving those UO chantilly shorts. 

  3. Afternoon tea looks really great! UO sells nice t-shirts too. They fit you well!

    Sorry if you are confused by my name... I used SS as my name for a while, but DISQUS started refusing me as SS a few days ago. I created new one.

  4. karen-- i had so much fun too! i told the ladies that we all should do high tea at neiman's rotunda. btw you look super leggy in those pants! it's a cute color on you. thanks for finding that skirt for me too, can't wait to wear mine! :)

  5. You and Ping looks so adorable. I always wanted to take my daughter for a afternoon tea. Hopefully one day. 

  6. what a cute little tea setup. your outfits are really cool too.

  7. aww I love afternoon tea! sounds like a fun time! love your outfit too!


  8. I have not been to high tea, I would like to, but in Chicago the places that offer it are Peninsula, Four Seasons, and it's about $50...which I would rather save the money and use it on dinner :)  Love your try ons at Urban outfitters!

  9. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
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  10. mmm looks like you had a blast, I love your shoes!

  11. The place you went seems amazing. I shopped at Urban Outfitters when I came to the USA (I am italian) and it's one of my fave shops ever ! You are so pretty and your necklace is gorgeous. Kisses
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  12. omg the tea party looks sooo awesome. I love UO but never at full price just because the quality isnt worth the price. I usually score some amazing deals during sale time!


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    Glass of


  13. Thanks Sharon! I love that color combo too. UO is one of my fave stores...where are you located?

  14. I much fun! You should go in NYC! Thanks for the comment, JJ!

  15. I love the UO tees because they are so soft! No problem about your name...glad you figured that situation out. 

  16. Yes high tea at Rotunda next time! I think it's an illusion because my pants are a little high-waisted and I'm wearing a cropped top. lol Yay for being skirt twins!

  17. Thanks hun! You should take your daughter and dress her up. 

  18. Thanks! Having tea is so girly!

  19. Thank you for visiting and for the sweet comment!

  20. Wow that's expensive for high tea! I would save it too if I were you...go to high tea in another city when you are traveling next maybe. Thanks Bessie!

  21. Thank you for the comment and follow!

  22. Thanks Megan! I love the shoes...they are actually really comfy!

  23. Thank you so much! You are so sweet...thanks for the follow!

  24. Lia, I ONLY shop the sale section at UO haha I totally agree with you!

  25. i love your blue and yellopw outfit...the colors are so vibrant! i love UO, but we don't have them here. been to two during a trip to cali.

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  26. Thanks! I love that color combo. Aww you should shop UO online...they have sales all the time!

  27. the tea party looks so much fun! and I love your bright blue jeans :)

  28. Thanks Christine! Your local H&M may still have those pants in stock! haha

  29. Cobalt Blue jeans outfit is fierce. I love everything about it!
    The Fashionable ESQ 


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