Friday, April 13, 2012

Cream with Colorful Accents

Gosh I really need to remember to buy a tripod for my little point-and-shoot so I can take better pictures than the ones in my dinky room. =P Any recommendations that work for such cameras but won't break the bank? I still think I might be embarrassed to take outside photos by myself though. haha

This is an older outfit that I wanted to share because I came across a necklace I had never worn before and wanted to plan my outfit around it. I stuck to neutral cream and black but added a colorful cardigan so that it wouldn't look too boring. I would say 1-2 colorful accents typically work well to jazz up an otherwise 'blah' outfit.
old cream lace top from Ross (similar or cute one here) -- H&M cardigan (similar) -- H&M black skinny pants (similar here and here)
Accessories: F21 beaded necklace (similar) -- gifted Swarovski white watch (similar but with gold) -- silver mesh ring from HK (similar
cream-colored booties from HK that my sister got for me (similar)

Here are some photos from my recent food adventures at Sauce (131 Gough Street) in San Francisco.
tater tots with white truffle oil and cremini mushroom plus a smoked gouda and bacon cheese sauce = HEAVEN!!
prosciutto wrapped Hawaiian butterfish with arugula salad and herb good!
Last but definitely not least...
My new Michael Kors watch in rose gold...been wanting this baby for months! (taken on Instagram)

What kind of colorful accents to you like to add to your outfits?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead of them! I'm off to Vegas for yet another wedding so I'll be back next week!


  1. I love that colorful adds the right touch of color to your look! Those tater tots look so yummy :)

    The Tiny Heart 

  2. karen, i have been to sauce a while ago! totally forgot about that place. i think i got their mac and cheese. love the new watch!! can you believe i don't have one. isn't it hard to type when you're wearing a watch?

  3. Thanks Sharon! Gotta love F21! Omg those tater tots are heavenly...mmm

  4. Sauce is so good...let's go again sometime. lol Go get yourself a MK watch! =P

  5. FashionablememoriesApril 20, 2012 at 1:48 PM

    I love the color combination of this outfit! I hope you have a fun and safe trip to Vegas.

  6. That food looks DELISH!!! and i love the watch!!

    A Petite

  7. The necklace is pretty. Love it!

  8. Yes the food was amazing!! I am in love with my new watch! =)

  9. Thanks for visiting and following me Tina! I will do the same for you!


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